How it all works

Energetic Matrix HealingThere are some simple things that 65 plus years of study, experience and learning from great teachers have revealed, that will enable us – you and me – working together, to have you in the flow of healing.

It is part of our understanding that some of the scariest sounding illnesses are, in fact, part of our body’s instinctive drive to bring about healing and we can convert fear to hope.

Our processes of seeing time as an illusion means that ‘everything is happening at once’ so we can intend healing to it’s most effective point and the client can accept healing “now”! 


Healing – The Handbook

Ken Graydon - HealingLearn and practice  Regeneration Healing for your own self-healing or to develop your own healing and teaching practice.

This book contains notes and processes used in our international workshops with many more processes developed for specific situations and as a basis for you to develop your own processes for your own healing or to develop a healing and teaching practice.

During the six years we have been offering workshops this work has evolved to become simpler and much more effective. The book will be an invaluable healing and teaching tool and is really a do-it-yourself workshop, and companion you can refer to, while working on yourself or others.