About Us

It’s About Healing and Transformation

We use Regeneration Healing as our principal healing process as it has been so successful in achieving results. Some of the other techniques we use teach our clients how to maintain their new improved levels of wellness or to deal with non-physical challenges, such as relationships or the environment.

Team Effort

We have a group of associates who join us from time-to-time for specific clients or circumstances. They are based in several different countries so, with the different time zones, we offer a continuing flow of healing intentions. They each bring to the particular situation other gifts and healing processes and they have achieved amazing results “when all seemed lost”

Background – The Long Road To Here

I would like to share with you some of the many steps and detours I have taken in almost sixty years of searching for the best possible healing process that I could offer to my clients and other healers. This is not for you to follow my steps – but so that you can make the journey from ‘what is now’ to ‘what is best’ in the less than sixty years that I took  – maybe in sixty minutes, sixty days or even sixty weeks.

My parents and paternal grandmother were spiritualists and in my young teenage years there were some experiences in home séances, which at that time I thought were really scary. So I made a pact with the ‘spirit world’ – if it would leave me alone, I would leave it alone. To date, they have kept their side of the bargain; and at a time when I would really like to develop spiritual skills, I have struggled to be open to the psychic benefits that would enhance the Regeneration Healing that I now teach and practice.

I wish to tell you about my experiences so that you know that you too will more quickly be able to really expand your intuitive and psychic guidance to reach and hopefully go beyond the standard I have reached.

I do have the blessing of some really gifted friends who share their wisdom with me.

I discovered healing as a real event when I was sixteen 

I was a junior leader at a boys’ camp outside Melbourne [Australia]. A boy jumped off the roof of the house and caught his shin on a metal bucket. He was rushed to the local small country hospital, stitched up and brought back. The boys slept in a bunkhouse and this boy was crying loudly. I held my hands over his head and simply said ‘God, please take this pain away.’ Instantly, he stopped crying and fell asleep. It was so sudden that the other boys thought I had knocked him out.

This started me on a healing path, thinking that if it’s that easy, I’d like to do more of this. So the search began, thinking that Christian churches talk about healing, I tried joining one. My first choice, the closest local church, was a Presbyterian Church. I got involved in everything, youth work, Sunday school and became a lay preacher, but the church opinion was apparently ‘If God wants healing done he has doctors and nurses’ so my search for healing went nowhere.

So over several years I studied the classwork with Christian Science, where they really believed in healing but in  prescriptive ways.

Through a strange synchronicity I met a Missionary Priest of the Orthodox Catholic Church in Australia who was visiting Perth. Priests in this church are allowed, actually encouraged, to be married so he was travelling with his wife on a healing mission. I was so impressed with the results I saw, that I met the local bishop and joined the church.

After some study and experience I went through the Holy Orders  and spent twenty years as a priest, mostly offering healing and teaching in Western Australia.

Ken GraydonLater I was elected a bishop and the simple faith I had been teaching suddenly became a very political and contentious activity involving malcontents from a number of churches …so I quietly retired.

This gave me the opportunity to visit America, and I was able to follow up on a healing concept called Matrix Energetics. I visited Seattle and attended a seminar which was an amazing experience – for the first time I saw that healing could be fun and you could believe unbelievable things [later, on another continent, I was to learn how to practice impossible things]. I also met a wonderful Native American shaman called ‘Walks with Thunder’ who taught me about rainmaking [actually about removing whatever is blocking the rain from falling naturally] and some ladies who were teaching ‘The One Command’ as an aspect of Theta healing. This was a whole new world of healing, going way beyond the simple ‘not being sick any more’ to whole-of-life changes.

Another visit to America – this time to San Diego, California – confirmed me as a practitioner of Matrix Energetics and showed me much of the ‘magic’ of the possibilities.

Always, my search has been for whatever would bring the best possible outcome and I was hearing about some Russians who had a biblical based healing technique that was bringing amazing results in regenerating organs. 

About Ken GraydonLater I  went to Thailand to offer a workshop in  regeneration healing and had Chi Gong Master Mantak Chia in the group. 

Client feedback, study and experience has now matured into Regeneration Healing which is an amalgamation of healing concepts which offer very effective and quick results that fulfils the promises of the sacred literature of many faiths and is part of our birthright. The results potentially offer whole-of-life changes, animal healing, land blessing, abundance, regenerating organs or teeth.

I have taken as a guideline, that ‘if one person can do something, potentially, anyone can do it’, so our later projects include remote healings and visible physical change and, as more people accept, learn and practice these processes, the outcome improves and more people are blessed.