The Lottery Process

Maybe winning the lottery would improve your whole week? This process is about us understanding that we create our own reality.

Intention HealingWhen we buy a lottery ticket, the lottery has not been drawn so the ticket is in a field of potential.

There is no point in us wishing “let these be the winning numbers” as you have more chance of being struck by lightning than you do of winning that way.

Our empowered solution is that we create a reality in which the numbers on our ticket are the winning numbers, in the same way that we create realities where illness is no longer present.

My suggestion, which is built into the words of power, is that we intend that every other person using this process rightfully, creates their own reality where their ticket has winning numbers and that we guarantee to the Universe that we will give at least ten percent of our winnings, preferably anonymously, to a charity whose aims we support.


The Process

I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing.

I accept healing for all of creation.

My intention with this healing process is that I will be able to create a reality where the numbers on my lottery ticket are the winning numbers.

I intend that each person who uses this process appropriately, will be able to create their own reality where their lottery ticket numbers are winning ones.

I offer as a gift of gratitude to donate at least ten percent of any winnings anonymously to a charity whose aims and purposes I support.

I remove any mental, physical or emotional blocks to my becoming a winner both in the lottery and in my life generally.

I will use this process to allow me to be generous in all respects.

My heart is filled with gratitude.