Healing – The Handbook

Ken Graydon - HealingLearn and practice  Regeneration Healing for your own self-healing or to develop your own healing and teaching practice.

This book contains notes and processes used in our international workshops with many more processes developed for specific situations and as a basis for you to develop your own processes for your own healing or to develop a healing and teaching practice.

During the six years we have been offering workshops this work has evolved to become simpler and much more effective. The book will be an invaluable healing and teaching tool and is really a do-it-yourself workshop, and companion you can refer to, while working on yourself or others.

When you hold the book, feel the power of it then sleep with it under your pillow – you will understand why it in not an e-book. It needs to be a physical book and you need to be holding it in your hands.

An inter-active exercise you might like to share. Visualise a copy of “Healing; the Handbook” laying on a table in front of you, just out of reach. Imagine stretching your arms out and bringing the book against your body. How do you feel when you do that? Does the book want to be in your life?

The “new” thing that is happening is that people who have a copy of “Healing; the Handbook” are finding that, if they hold the book [front cover toward their body], either over their heart chakra or the source of pain and make an intention that “I am open to receive all the healing that this book holds for me” are getting astounding results. Will you try? Will you share your results?


Some stories:

Ken I have been miraculously healed from breast cancer. I have dedicated the last two years to healing this cancer naturally. All my tests I had done in Germany are negative. I am dancing with joy. I sleep with the numbers and the book under my pillow. I have had the best and worst 2 years. I have discovered myself through this healing. I am divine and so blessed. Thank you for your book and all you do.

I would love to share a beautiful healing story from using my dear friend Ken Graydon’s book recently. I have attended 3 workshops of Ken and have been following these healing principles since I met Ken and Ann over 5 years ago now. Three weeks ago, my fiance’s 87 y/o grandmother took a severe fall, breaking both of her shoulders, her wrist and ribs. She was in a very bad way. She had reactions to the painkillers the hospital provided her and they wouldn’t operate for fear of losing her – due to her age and the foreseeable pain. She was placed in a cast and sling and sent home to rest and heal and to be cared for by her daughter as nothing could be done. Immediately my fiancé and I grabbed the book and we did a few processes, Changing The Past, Regeneration, Treat the Treatment, Shower of Healing…amongst others….we shared our healing intentions with Nan and she thanked us for our healing intentions. Well! her recovery and healing was immediate, and continued day by day. Her appointment with her doctor yesterday following her Xray left him bewildered. He was convinced that the results were not Nan’s, that the radiologist MUST have mixed them up. There is NO way he said. This is not right. He advised that there is no sign of any break, any tears, nothing, if there was, it’s completely HEALED. Nan got her sling removed yesterday and feels amazing. Her cast will come off in 3 weeks, just to cover the Doctor’s rear end – in case this isn’t a miracle – Nan is back making her Homeopathy remedies like nothing ever happened My absolute gratitude to Ken and Ann for my wonderful book and my trust in our ability to heal ourselves and others for the greater good of all. So be it and so it is!

Subject: Testimonial: Healing – early December 2013

Message Body:
I had a healing with you in early December 2013 at the Gary Holland Centre Psychic fair.

I had had bronchitis in June – August 2012 , resulting in bronchiectasis in my lungs, up to just under my bust. (I also had it in my left lower lobe since I was 19 -1962).

It is now just over one year since then and now my specialist says I have only a very little bit of bronchiectasis left in my left lower lobe and she has discharged me from the Fremantle Respiratory Clinic. My breathing is SO much better and, although I still have a cough, it is very different, and gives me very little hassle (It is not infected either).

I can now sing again and have joined a choir in Rockingham.

Thank you so much for helping me.


Healing the Handbook is a remarkable book. I want everyone to have it. There is something very special about it. I have found that just through having it I am being permanently healed. Yesterday I gave a copy to my dearest friend here and her body instantly went into very high vibrations, she was shuddering and shaking as she held the book with one hand over it. I then placed my hand under hers and the energy was powerful. She is so grateful to own it! Each day I find more people I want to give it to! I hope you have enough copies Ken!!!

Hi Ken, 
I just received your book… it’s wonderful!!
 Only moments ago I tore off the packaging, and experimented by seeing what page the book would open to for me.
The choice was perfect…. page 180…  Supporting Carers.
 Last year my husband became very ill, and we discovered his pancreas is shot and he is now Type 1 diabetic. It’s been a long, long, stressful road… and I’m working overtime keeping our family unit happy and moving forward.
 This was perfect for me today. Thanks so much!!!

My book arrived yesterday… I’m so surprised it travelled so far so quickly…thank you! I feel so grateful to have these tools and blessings some to me at this time in life. I saw many faces and figures in indigo purple in thought after my first read and now await the lovely violet light, stay tuned.
I had been scan reading the book since it arrived and last night lay in bed to read from the front page inward. How lovely to learn a bit about you Ken and the humble beginnings of this ever growing force of Love and Humility. I applied all of the suggestions up to Heart Space and then felt tired enough and so filled with peace and happiness I decided to call it a night. I was holding the book to my chest when I thought of you both and re-opened the book to look in between the pages and there it was….. the most beautiful violet stream of light I’ve ever seen. I was shocked and in awe and tears flowed freely for a few moments as though I received a long sought out answer. What does it mean?
Ken I don’t mind you sharing anything…go ahead and use my first name as many know I have been ‘seeking’ for about 3 decades. I shared with friends at a luncheon today nothing has been this fast, this joyful. I also shared that I felt all the ‘preliminary’ work we have done in our various modalities each of us, led us to now and will add to our work as Practitioners. And yet there is a special attribute of Light within the energy of the book that allowed the one piece I didn’t hear or see or assimilate or get or feel all these years that suddenly sunk in deeply and I got it!….. and all was well in the most beautiful subtle way. I didn’t see the violet until I felt this feeling and had worked with that first section of preparing self….somewhere between Heart Space and the 3 Shadows Process magic happened. My greatest wish is that others stay with, that they hold on and ….not give up on themselves or the prayers and possibilities.

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