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The purpose of Regeneration Healing is to provide opportunities for healing to happen. Using his own book “Healing; the Handbook” Ken Graydon will use a series of processes, over four days culminating in a guided visualisation of The Temple of Regeneration Healing for your ultimate healing experience of all the healing you are prepared to accept

We believe absolutely that if a client is open to accept healing there will be an improvement, up to and including complete cure. Of course everyone comes into a healing situation with their free will intact. We don’t ‘do healing to people’ – we facilitate the possibility and encourage you to accept it.

Your healing sessions will be structured specifically for you – we do not do ‘one size fits all’ and can be offered remotely anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. 

If you are intending to have a healing session with Ken Graydon, at his home near Mandurah, Western Australia  please make contact through email [ken.healer@gmail.com] or phone, within Australia 0414329430  to make an appointment.  Anticipate a rewarding healing experience. Healing Sessions with Ken now include a pre-session intention for you to have an enhanced level of consciousness, as measured on the David Hawkins “Scale of Consciousness” which allows you to better participate in, and accept, healing. We also, where the client provides a photograph, use the radionic effects of the “Twisted Sage Studio” regeneration tools as an added healing energy.

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When you request a remote healing session, you activate a range of actions designed to bring about your best possible outcome.

You are asked to decide the day and time, in your time zone, of your healing session, [the first session, if you are having multiple sessions], as a clear sign to the Creator of the actual time you have decided to accept your complete healing. Preferably you will allow two or three days between you making the request and the date you choose for the healing, so that your process can be intuited and sent to you.

How much healing you accept is entirely your decision. Your freewill is never compromised.

In co-operation with the spiritual entities in the Temple of Regeneration Healing, we prepare the written process that you will be asked to read aloud at the time you have chosen for the healing session. Reading aloud includes all of your senses in the healing adventure. You may be given some acts of preparation to use before the healing session. These may include drinking ‘blessed’ water, visualisations while showering, setting up an Acceptance table or something specific to your situation.

Each healing is unique, there is no ‘one size fits all’ category. You will be encouraged to use your imagination, allow your ‘inner healer’ and spiritual support team to actively participate in all the healing activity, and have a very clear picture in your mind of how you will feel, look and be with your healing completed fully. You will be asked, at the time of your healing session, to enter a ‘state of wellness’, your own spiritual support team and your Regeneration Healer will be joining you there, in a collective imaginary state. We have connections with each other, in the same way that any wave in any ocean is connected to all other waves. In this ‘state of wellness’ the only limits that apply, are any that you have brought with you – otherwise an unlimited healing experience is waiting for you.

A four-day healing process is only $150 Australian. Every healing session is offered with an “It is done!” intention. We ‘see you’ as already healed and the words we send you provide the possibility of you becoming the best possible version of yourself. There is an alternative choice to order a single session for $100 Australian. See the PayPal button below.

The Temple of Regeneration Healing experience includes “The Weaver of the Web of Life”, who brings a shamanic level of wisdom to your healing adventure and varieties of spiritual surgery as appropriate.

There is a PayPal button further down the page.

What Do You Do?

First you email ken.healer@gmail.com to ask about healing. Please put ‘Healing’ in the subject line.

Explain the main intention for your healing session and select the day and time, in your time zone – but you will have to tell us what time zone you are in. If appropriate, you could attach a picture which will become the ‘before’ picture – later you can send the improved ‘after’ picture as part of your healing story.

I will reply with an Information Form which explains the procedure and gives you some preparation to enhance your healing experience. We begin the healing session on the day and time (in your time zone) that you choose, you are choosing a time, not just for convenience but a time when you intend to accept a miracle of healing, you get the benefits, you learn all over again, how to smile and enjoy your life.

Preparing For Your Healing Session

Having a healing session will be an amazing transformational experience. You can enhance the experience, and your outcome, by the preparation you participate in.  The preparation we will suggest will include you nominating a ‘sacred space’ for your healing session, choosing a day and time, which is an appointment with the Creator for you to begin the four-day healing processes

The Cost

The universe operates on an ‘energy exchange’ basis – giving and receiving. You are not paying for the healing, you are offering an exchange for the time, experience and care being applied to your situation. Remote healing sessions should be paid for using the PayPal button. Office sessions in Erskine are $70 Australian payable in cash.

Please understand that the very low cost of healing sessions is not a reflection on the value of the healing [miracles abound!] but of the environment we live and work in. Australia, Canada and the U.K., where many of our clients reside, have very efficient and economical National Health Services and our charges reflect that influence. If you are in the U.S.A. the charges must seem amazingly low – you are right, they are, so sign up now – before we change our minds and put American value prices on everything.

Session choices

Healing Testimonials

1)  I had a call from a man working on a mine site. He had injured his back and was in constant pain, with very restricted hip flexibility. I was able to send him a healing session which included “time travelling” back to before the accident and “locking in” that feeling. Relief was immediate, and he had much greater hip flexibility.

2)  Had the most amazing healing session with Ken Graydon and want to let others know how effective it was for me.
For those who know me, know that I am on a mission to empower people to show them the best resources available to maintain, regain or boost wellbeing and I feel that Organ Regeneration is a gem of a healing modality.
I choose not to tell Ken anything about what was going on with me so that I could objectively assess the effects of the healing session based on a before/ after scenario of the changes to my physical ailments.(which are really spiritual/energetic being manifested in the physical).  Since the end of November I have had periods that became mucked up and have basically been bleeding since this time – however with no pain.  On the Friday before the healing session I also came down with a cold and got cold sores on the inside of my nose. Unbeknown to me Ken began my healing session at about the same time as my partner called me down to have lunch and to sit quietly for about half an hour -instead of working. As I ate my energy improved, my vision became sharper and everything became brighter.  My right hand began to vibrate and I felt like how I usually do when I give healing to others.  My insulin levels have been up and down and I have been basically trying to eat fruit& veg since the new year and cut out refined carbs- as spirit had shown me I needed to take better care of my physical health – because I push myself too hard at times -and have been put through a great deal of stress over the last year.  My partner also made me a herbal tea that is to help liver function & help with relieving flu symptoms. I felt it was tied in with the insulin levels – this was all happening while Ken worked on me but neither of us were aware of the fact. When Ken discussed my healing he said that he had to keep giving me insulin boosts!Over the last two weeks prior to healing – Mother Theresa kept appearing in my visions. Also while I had been out and about in Graz I kept seeing so many nuns who just smiled back at me. Spirit kept showing me that I will be helping humanity and working with herbs and this knowledge will be passed down from a nun like person who worked with herbs in Austria. Ken mentioned that a Nun figure appeared during the healing session. So thank you for the wonderful confirmation Ken. D.A. Ganz, Austria


3)  A lady who is an artist and dress designer on the east coast of Australia went through a difficult time. Her marriage broke up and she lost the home that she had loved, so she moved back to her parents’ home to rebuild her confidence and resources. It was when she was at this low ebb that her eyesight began to deteriorate, which is shattering for a visual artist. She joined a Facebook group that I am a member of and was talking about her need for laser eye surgery. I proposed a remote healing session that she accepted and decided to experience while sitting on the rocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During the session, she saw sparkling silver lights, and tears kept pouring down her face. She had to go back to her parents’ home and lie down. After sleeping for four hours, she awoke to find that her eyesight was much better and her peripheral vision seemed much wider.