Lemurian Healing

Lemurian Healing

The Lemurian civilisation of some 50,000 years ago which has some survivors beneath Mount Shasta and has imprinted the Hawaiian, Maori and Polynesian communities with high levels of spirituality, offers us unique healing techniques and possibilities when we are open to their influence.

I have added to my practice of Regeneration Healing the use of a Lemurian Healing Rod both for live and remote healing adventures. These Rods, which are sacred spiritual tools, are living artifacts which bond with the heart of the practitioner to enable them to work multi-dimensionally and tap into the quantum fields of light, frequency and information for unlimited possibilities.

Lemurian Healing Rods

The Lemurian Healing Rods showing symbols dictated by the founders.

Healing Rod sending

Feel the energy! This is what you will see as the practitioner directs the healing power of the Lemurian Healing Rod to your solar plexus.

[The Twisted Sage practitioner rings shown in the background are used in face-to-face healing adventures to create a portal of no-time where instant healing can happen].

If you are ready for your remote or face-t-face personal Lemurian Healing Rod experience please send an email to ken.healer@gmail to arrange times and payments.