Private notes

This page is for the use of members who have attended a Regeneration Healing or Beyond the Book workshop with Ken Graydon. We will make available other notes and new processes as they become available.

Animal Soul Connection healing.

Introduction: This process to be read by the human participant in the healing, takes into account that often an animal will choose, as a voluntary sacrifice, to accept an illness in the hope that the human does not have to.


I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing. I make a soul connection for the highest and best outcome for this part of my animal family.

This is a connection based on love and respect.

We take a soul journey together that will allow us to understand that we are able to access the causes or trigger events that have resulted in negative outcomes.

It is in our ability to undo negative decisions, transform situations and release burdens that do not need to be carried.

This is healing to the Creator’s standard which has respect for any karmic debt that my animal partner has chosen to assume but offers the best possible outcome in these circumstances. I am filled with gratitude for being able to participate in this healing adventure.



I connect with the Creator, the source of all of all wisdom and  healing.

I accept blessings for all of creation.

My intention is to be available for the flow of wisdom and healing in this workshop and I enter my Heart Space by visualising  myself swinging down from my left brain and into my heart, where all the resources of the Universe are available, to bring my understanding to the Creator’s standard for me. I accept and allow wisdom and healing to flow and am filled with gratitude and high potential.

I appreciate all the events which were engineered for it to be possible for me to attend this workshop, and for the unlimited future that now awaits me, as I reach out for my best possible options and opportunities.

I am is the name that the Creator used to contact Moses at the time of the burning bush and each time I use that name – I am – I too am identified as the creative force in my life. Today I will really understand that.

As time is an illusion I will understand that I draw guidance, inspiration and knowledge from past, present or future – or from other dimensions to become the best possible version of myself as I maximise my contribution to the world.

From today I will accept miracles as my new ‘normal’, people I am yet to meet will be blessed by knowledge I accept today, lives will be enhanced and changed, love will be abundantly available – not because of what I do, but because of what I am being, living my life as the Creator and I had planned it.My heart has come home.


I do want to share with you some thoughts and experiences that are not part of the general sharing that happens on Facebook or other public venues. You have made yourself special by being prepared to get “Healing; the Handbook” and to come to a workshop to learn more.

These are “right brain” thoughts of things that are potential and possible, that may help you expand your ideas and practice or find interesting new ways of doing things.

  1. Emotions influence our reality. We not only think and work through our day, we also feel and believe our way through it. The way we connect emotionally to our state of wellness is more important than supplements, exercise, diet or treatment. Our emotions are either fear based or love based. Fear causes contraction and stress, it inhibits creativity, brain activity, our immune system and perception – over time it will lead to breakdown. Love is positive and expansive, it enhances creativity, physical and mental endurance, receptivity and perception. Your emotional and energetic states determine your wellness, if you are out of balance, disease can happen – if you are in balance, disease is impossible. We are going to talk about love a lot during today in a healing context.
  2. Although this healing work complies with the results of Quantum Physics it is also a mystical experience. With Quantum Physics, looking into the situation makes it probable – so we never concentrate on the problem. Observation + Expectation equals results. We acknowledge that we, and everything else on Earth, are made up of energy. The Zero Point energy field is a point beyond time and space, beyond rules, beyond physical laws – it is a pure reservoir of untapped potential waiting as energy, the natural home of the miracle. You cannot access the Zero Point with your left brain, so we use questions or processes that your left brain cannot understand in context. This allows the creative right brain to take over and this is where the miracle can happen. You don’t have to believe in it – just don’t get in the way of it working. This is, the way of “not doing” – when we try to do it in our ability, we are wasting the potential of the universe. Don’t allow thinking to limit potential results be open to [MBO] most beneficial outcome.
  3. The Switch Technique on page 204 is an amazing tool. It is new in this modality having come from Lemurian sources, through the wisdom keepers on Hawaii practicing Kahi Loa. Although it is described as a physical contact process it can be offered remotely by using, say, a stuffed toy as a surrogate for the client. Intentions are paramount. The Switch is a measuring method. You feel a connection between two places, which may be on the body. As everything is light and information and our observation can change the waveforms and vibration of the observed – the Switch can enable us to collapse a current reality, such as an injury, within the body or emotions and introduce new, useful possibilities. As disease is a disruption or a distortion arising in the information field – the Switch allows us to access the field of new possibilities. We locate a place, usually on the body, with the index finger of one hand to represent ‘what is’. You then drop into your ‘heart space’ to intend the possibility of change. You then find another place, which may be on the body, to represent “what may be” and lightly touch that with your other index finger. If we are treating an injured knee the first point is “injury”, the second point is “non-injury” – a reality in which the knee is already healed. The concept is not to try to achieve an outcome; it is to locate a reality where the outcome naturally occurs. You don’t make it happen – you allow it to happen. You invite the possibility of change then drop that intention into the pond of possibility and let the ripples spread – there are no inherent limitations in the field of possibilities unless we accept some and with practice we can transcend these.


This Process came as a gift to Brad and Gen from working with client. The Process sees the individual/Pattern, as a form of Perfection, mirroring forth the ideals and health that you see in Wholeness. When asking how I would know, track or calibrate when the corrected image had been accessed, I was told, “It would Sparkle”.

I have used this Process on several people with wonderful results. It is an attractor aspect, and is set to glow from within so that only things that you would like to see yourself as is mirrored forth.

You want health? Mirror forth the perfection of health. I like to see an individual Sparkle from within. That is my connection that “It is done”.

I Am in Spirit. I and the Creator are one.
My healing blesses all of creation.

I see me as a mirrored holographic being. I look deep within my image and around the mirrored view, and with the Creator’s assistance I find the mental perspective or outlook to see the body as whole, complete, free of any unharmonious or distortions of perfections and beauty.

I meld myself with the mirrored image as One and look again at the image I now see in the mirror. I witness around me a glow and within me a Light that emanates. I look at the reflection of the area of the body I was concerned about (or sense the pattern) and see only Sparkles.

I thank the Sparkle me for allowing me to witness the Inner Creator part of who I am. My heart soars and my Soul is joyful and at Peace.

Have you ever felt that you would like to be part of a family with inherited talents [art, music, public speaking, languages] or wealth? Perhaps the better question is – how often have you felt that?
This is a new process to help you change events in your previous generational line that will be a blessing to you now.
We begin this process like any other by forming an intention and being open to our best possible outcome.
I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing. I accept healing for all of creation. My intention with this healing is to implant gifts into my ancestral line that will be a blessing to my descendants through time.
I enter my Heart Space – a place of no time, no limits and magnified possibilities.
I journey to the soul library, there I am directed to the corridor which represents my generational line. I walk along the corridor and notice that all the doors have numbers on them – each number represents how many generations into the past I have travelled. I enter the door that attracts me. The room is misty with a blue haze in the air. People are moving around quietly and I understand that they are sleeping and in a dream state.
I hold in my hands a small treasure chest which contains the details the talents and wealth that I intend to inherit. I place it in the hands of the ancestor I am drawn to. I speak this blessing into my ancestor’s life. “These are the gifts from the Creator to this family. You will be blessed with the ability to magnify these talents and pass them down to each generation of the family. You will be open to guidance to protect and build the inheritance and future generations will bless your name and memory.” I feel the connection between us then I leave the room and return through the soul library to now.
Changing the past has changed the potential of the present moment. Changing my family history has changed me. I now inherit the talents and gifts I shared with my ancestors that have been passed down to me. Already I feel the changes that this guided inheritance has brought into my life.
I am filled with gratitude.