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There are some simple things that 65 plus years of study, experience and learning from great teachers have revealed, that will enable us – you and me – working together, to have you in the flow of healing.

It is part of our understanding that some of the scariest sounding illnesses are, in fact, part of our body’s instinctive drive to bring about healing and we can convert fear to hope.

Our processes of seeing time as an illusion means that ‘everything is happening at once’ so we can intend healing to it’s most effective point and the client can accept healing “now”! 

It’s not us doing it, we’re just blessed to ‘be there’ when healing happens and you attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that you, with the Creator, have planned to have now.

Wellbeing is your birthright.  Being in alignment with your purpose here, is a step away.  As you have, as I said, already done the important things, let’s get together by email (or if you are in Western Australia, physically) to release the power of healing in your life.

We will use, the total resources of  Healing Intentions, which we now enhance by offering a ‘before your healing’ process to help you build your level of consciousness, so that you may accept quicker and more complete healing outcomes.

Below are some of the services we offer.

Healing Sessions

HEALING SESSIONS-POSITIVE RESULTS It does not matter where you are, as long as you have some wi-fi or communication facilities – we can send healing energy and you can receive it. HEALING SESSIONS The purpose of Regeneration Healing is to provide opportunities and the space for healing to happen. Practitioners use, as a basis, the…

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Regeneration Healing

Regeneration Healing is a compilation of modalities which attracts a series of healing probabilities from regeneration of organs, teeth or body parts through life-style changes, even animal healing to blessings of land or weather changes. For people oriented healing, the overall intention is that a client will attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that…

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Shefa Abundance

This ancient and very successful process of achieving abundance has been revised and adapted to a new community. By calling upon the source of creation in a simple but life-changing process we are able to share the benefits, with people of understanding, so that abundance can flow easily and with grace into their lives. The…

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Animal Healing

Regeneration Healing is very effective used remotely with animals and birds – the use of a picture helps to direct focused attention. Often an animal which has a close relationship with humans – we do not use the term “owner” – will have issues that are a reflection of things that are happening in the…

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Team Healing

There are some situations which need, or clients who prefer, to have two or more practitioners working on them, either in tandem – which we describe as a Quantum Entanglement – or where two specialities are applied; often with animal healing where a healer and an animal communicator may work together to change the situation…

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