Animal Healing

Spiritual Healing for petsRegeneration Healing is very effective used remotely with animals and birds – the use of a picture helps to direct focused attention.

Often an animal which has a close relationship with humans – we do not use the term “owner” – will have issues that are a reflection of things that are happening in the human’s life. We call this a “mirror effect”.

Clients may request a healing session

A healing session is AUD$50

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1) This one from the owner of a paralysed dog:

I just wanted to give you the good news. Shiloh has started to walk this week

We have been doing water therapy (along with continued healing). She started to swim last week by herself after finding her feet walking in shallow water in our dam for a few days. She is now managing to walk on hard ground as well. Very early stages yet but a massive improvement. She still sleeps with her numbers in her pillow at all times, as do we Ken

and then:

Had a wonderful overnight healing experience with “Chief” a 24 year old horse. “Shiloh” who is mentioned is a dog who was paralysed and has had a dose of ‘puppyhood’.

“I have just returned from being with Chief today. Firstly, you are amazing. He is a different boy. He has started to eat and drink, he is soooo much brighter, his colour has come back and he is showing his personality. His vital signs have returned to normal. My vet and (all of us) were preparing for the most heart breaking decision last night as he was soooo sick. He advised the nightshift vet monitoring him overnight to call him this morning as he truly believed Chief would need to be put out of his misery and he wanted to be the one to break the bad news as we have known each other since childhood. The nightshift vet rang him at 7am and said, I am not going to tell you anything but you have to get down here and see this with your own eyes (it was the main vet’s day off). They could not believe it and said it was nothing but a miracle. Of course I told them about you and the healing and also our story with Shiloh.