Regeneration Healing workshops


Ken and Ann Graydon



Regeneration Healing is a compilation of healing processes which enable you to find, and enhance, your self-healing capabilities to bring your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to the standard you had planned for it to be at now. These attributes are part of your birthright and enable you to create your own reality. As we say, “If your present reality does not suit you, make another choice.”

During the practical part of the workshop, where we use “Healing; the Handbook” as the source material, you will participate, typically, in over fifty healing interactions, sending healing, receiving healing, supporting others, working with animals and even the weather. Do not be surprised when instant healing happens By the end of the workshop you will be confident in your potential to share healing in even the most serious circumstances and be a “beacon of light” in a troubled world. Your next steps will be whatever your guidance and freewill direct but may include teaching or practicing healing.

The program of Regeneration Healing workshops is:

Pinjarra June 10, venue Lesser Hall, Pinjarra Civic Centre 1915 Pinjarra Road. Your booking is made when your payment is received

Closing date for bookings is Wednesday June 6. If we do not have 10 paid bookings the workshop will be postponed. It is necessary to have 10 participants so that every participant gets enough practice working with “Healing; the Handbook” to be able to share the healing with other people the next day.

Become the best possible version of yourself.


The workshop will run from 10am to 3pm. There will be a 30-minute meal break – we suggest bringing a meal with you as there may not be time to buy lunch and get back to the action. The cost of the workshop is $60. There is limited seating, so early booking is advised. See button below, your payment reserves your place.

The workshop includes the theory and practice of Regeneration Healing to ensure that you are ready to share the intentions and great results. We work really hard to ensure that understand the possibilities and potential of “Healing; the Handbook” in your life.

Spiritual Healing

You will need a copy of “Healing; the Handbook”, which contains the basic processes. The cost is $25 and you will be able to buy a copy at the workshop.