Regeneration Healing

Logo Regeneration HealingRegeneration Healing is a compilation of modalities which attracts a series of healing probabilities from regeneration of organs, teeth or body parts through life-style changes, even animal healing to blessings of land or weather changes.

For people oriented healing, the overall intention is that a client will attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that they and the Creator had planned for them to have at this stage of their life.

Regeneration Healing works equally well face-to-face, as it does remotely to the other side of the world, which is just as well as we are based in Australia!

This work is not new.

The idea of regeneration and other amazing healings has been part of the sacred literature of most of the World religions.

This website will allow the searcher to find processes that exist, where quantum physics meets the spirit world, that enable them to bring about a new reality of health and harmony, where they are able to access the pattern of the original matrix of information, the Creator’s pattern and an understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life to remake their own life to the original intended version, in effect to change their world through consciousness.

The Place of Knowing

Do not ever forget that the key intention for all the work we do in the Regeneration Healing area is to attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state that we and the Creator had planned for us to have now.

Every other healing intention is simply a part of that. We also know that any illness has the potential to be healed instantly.

There will be more miracles in our life if we come from that place of knowing.

Key Points to the Processes

Let me explain some points about the processes we are going to share. There are some points which become clear, once you understand them, but they can be puzzling before then.

Key phrase

Each process starts with a key phrase ‘I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing’.

If you are uncomfortable with the word Creator, please use another word that you can relate to, which acknowledges a creative power in the Universe. You will use this phrase so much using this book that it should become a ‘trigger’ for you. As soon as you think, or hear, those words you will be in your ‘healing state’.

Share point

The next phrase is our sharing point ‘I accept blessings for all of creation.’

This is a simple acknowledgment of a very profound truth. There is no selfish intention, whatever personal issue we are addressing, we are all connected and each healing adds to the healing available on Earth.


The next item is ‘My intention for this healing’ – where sometimes we will use our primary intention, which is – ‘to attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that we and the Creator had planned for us to have at this stage of our life.’

At other times, we will use very specific intentions a client presents to us. This is a very intuitive process and if your intentions are right, you cannot get it (the process) wrong.

We know that now is the only time there is, but our soul does a lot of time-travelling.

One of our soul’s favourite destinations is ‘ A time before the event that triggered the ……’ whether it was an illness, an accident or some unpleasant happening.

Our soul will then ‘change the past’ so that both the present and the future are changed.

Your soul will decide not to be independent, but to ‘follow the amazing path of my spiritual purpose’.

In other words, to do what we and the Creator had planned for us, instead of another choice, that we made, which caused the problem.

This then creates a different situation – what about other people or events? We can change that too, in our reality ‘The other events and participants, they go their own way.

Our lives are not entangled.  So if an event did not happen, other people did not have it happen with us involved. We are releasing them from any sense of entanglement.


What To Do Next?

Email to ask about healing. Please put ‘Healing’ in the subject line.

The Cost

The universe operates on an ‘energy exchange’ basis – giving and receiving. You are not paying for the healing, you are offering an exchange for the time, experience and care being applied to your situation.

The cost for remote  healing sessions is $100 Australian Dollars, payable securely through PayPal.  Office healings in Erskine W.A. are $70 cash.

Session choices


‘In two sentences you gave me the missing parts: I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing.  I accept blessings for all of creation.

Finally I understood! Healing myself is all I am here to do. In healing myself, I heal all.



The purpose of this campaign is to gather a group of like-minded people to unite in a Regeneration Healing process to offer healing intentions for any sufferers of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or similar issues.

As ‘energy follows attention’we concentrate on what we do want,

    Clear Minds

, not on the negatives that affect minds. We don’t look where we don’t want to go.

Twice a day, at times that your intuition calls you, please use the following process. Read the words aloud, so that you involve all of your senses in the healing adventure. Each time, before you read the process, have a drink of water. This water is our “Elixir of Expectation,” we bless it that every drop will enhance the healing and we drink it knowing that we can expect the best possible outcome.
We are using two specific number codes, intuited to support this campaign. Write them down where you can see them each time you use the process

6724551 and 762552913

In our understanding, we are connected, so the individual who has one, or more, of the issues we are working on is, in reality, part of yourself manifesting as a person requiring healing. So our healing is directed to that part of our self. We are not in any way taking away any persons free will.
Our usual caution applies. No one should change, cease or interfere with any treatment or medication without reference to the practitioner who prescribed them. We are not offering medical diagnosis or treatment. This is a spiritual intention of goodwill.


I am connected to the source of all healing and wisdom. I am open to receive healing for all of creation. I am filled with a spirit of expectation of a clear mind for any part of myself manifesting as a person requiring healing. This is truth.
I travel back into the past, my soul knows exactly when, to the moment before the first incident which was a trigger for me to accept negative issues in my mind. In that time and place of high potential, I make a different decision. I do not accept any negative issues for my mind, instead, I choose to follow the path of my spiritual purpose. By changing the past I have changed the probabilities in my present moment. By removing the cause of the issue I am now able to release the effects.
I bring into this healing situation all the resources of the Creator. I accept the white light of healing filling my mind and my brain. In the loving, vibrating field of healing, every connection in my brain is brought into perfect alignment. Errors are corrected, physical, mental or imaginary problems are dissolved in love.
My soul connects with all the possibilities of healing from any life or dimension knowing that this is the dedicated time and place of healing. I am called to be part of this campaign with this group of souls at this time.
I accept and welcome the participation of my own spiritual support team of benevolent beings working with me here and now. I am filled with gratitude knowing that, even before I see it manifest, healing is happening and my world is a better place because of that.


Anyone who would like to have a specific personal healing session for these, or any other, issues can contact me at .